Boost the language skills you really need.

Don't let language barriers hold you back.

With Squidll, you can quickly and easily book online sessions with a language coach and focus on the language skills you truly need for your job.


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Focus on the language skills you really need.

Do you have a presentation in English? Do you want to actively participate in meetings with French-speaking colleagues? Do you need to prepare for a phone conversation in German or a negotiation in Dutch?

Don't struggle with language barriers any longer and invest in yourself and your professional success!

Our language coaches are here to help you overcome language barriers and perform at your best, regardless of the language. They fully focus on your specific needs and goals, enabling you to make rapid progress and apply everything directly in practice.



English, Dutch, French or German? 


Take a look at some of our best coaches.

Find a coach who matches your needs. You will be able to filter through their specialties (Business, HR, Sales, Engineering, etc.) and topics of expertise.

  • trainers-list Sam H. English Coach
  • trainers-list Lisa S. English Coach
  • trainers-list Mathieu G. French Coach
  • trainers-list Marine C. French Coach
  • trainers-list Nynke S. Dutch Coach
  • trainers-list Ils M. German Coach

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