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Do you need the assistance of a language coach? Buy your credits per session or choose a package and book your session with your coach right away!

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Take control of your career and boost your professional language skills.

Do you need the assistance of a language coach? You're just a few steps away from boosting your language skills.

Buy your credits per session or choose a package and book your session with your coach right away!

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Easy and secure payment.

Pay easily and securely with your preferred payment method. All transactions are processed over an SSL-encrypted connection. 

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No expiration dates.

Stress-free plans with no expiration dates. You don’t have to book your sessions within a given time limit and you will never lose your credits.

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Grants for your training.

Did you know most of the belgian sectoral funds, also referred to as training funds, provide financial aid for your training expenses. Thanks to the grants from your training fund, you can make your language training a reality! Read all about it here.

Buy your credits and get started.

Find the perfect price and plan in line with your goals and budget, and start Squidlling straight away! Our experienced coaches will deliver unique and tailored solutions for YOU.

  • Basic

    € 35 excl. VAT
    • 1 session - 30 minutes

    • €35 per session

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  • Standard

    € 175 excl. VAT
    • 5 sessions - 2.5 hours

    • €35 per session

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  • Popular


    € 333 excl. VAT
    • 10 sessions - 5 hours

    • Save 5%
      €35 per session
      €33.30 per session

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  • Premium

    € 630 excl. VAT
    • 20 sessions - 10 hours

    • Save 10%
      €35 per session

      €31.50 per session

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Don't worry! Your credits remain valid for life. So don't hesitate to buy a package of credits. 

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To give you the chance to get to know Squidll, we'll give you a free first session worth 35 euros.

Create your account and you'll automatically receive credits to book your free session with a coach. You don't have to choose a plan and you don't need a credit card. So you are not tied to anything!


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  • Pricing and plan are based on your needs.
  • Easy and direct credit system for your employees.
  • Empower your employees with immediate and flexible multilingual support. They book their own sessions in order to improve their emails, presentations, etc.

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