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The belgian sectoral funds, also referred to as training funds, aim to enhance the training opportunities within a specific industry. Each member is required to make an annual payment, which is utilized to provide financial aid for the training expenses. It is important to note that the regulations and contributions may significantly differ across industries.

Below you can find an overview of the main training funds in Belgium.

Don't know which joint industrial committee you belong to? Quickly check it on your payslip.


Training fund for the metallurgical industry. If you belong to the joint industrial committee 111 and 209, you are eligible for a contribution towards the costs of language training.

  • Joint industrial committee 111 and 209
  • Allowance: €1.000 (incl. VAT)
WEB / Grants MTECH+ metallurgical industry
WEB  Cevora grants


Cevora is the supplementary joint industrial committee for white-collar workers no. 200.


Initiatives for professional training in the food industry, joint industrial committees 118 and 220.

  • Joint industrial committee 118 and 220
  • Allowance: €2.500 (incl. VAT)
WEB  Grants alimento food industry
IVOC grants


IVOC is the training fund for the ready-made clothing industry. If you belong to the joint industrial committees 109 or 215, you are eligible for the following contribution towards the costs of language training.

  • Joint industrial committees 109 or 215
  • Allowance: €500 (incl. VAT)


Fund 323 - in full the Guarantee and Social Fund for the Real Estate Sector - was established in January 2000 in the bosom of PC 323.

  • Joint industrial committees 323
  • Allowance: €850 (incl. VAT)
WEB / Grants fund 323 real estate

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